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March 2018

The Pulse Ultra PLC400D Duo Charger - And Why I Love It.

By Larry H. 1 years ago 13042 Views No comments

The Pulse Ultra PLC400D Duo Charger - And Why I Love It.

I've owned a few nitro powered RC models back in the day, but my RC flying fun really took off (sorry about the pun - couldn't help myself) when LiPo powered models came to the fore, offering immense power, setup ease, low cost, and best off all, the lack of nitro slime that covered every square inch of my RC model. Simply put, once I went electric, I never looked back.

Mikado VControl Touch - The iPhone of RC Transmitters?

By Larry H. 1 years ago 4722 Views No comments

RC transmitters have made monumental strides over the passing years, offering all elements of computerized control and integration as the RC hobby becomes more sophisticated and complex. And in the iPhone age of RC transmitters, Mikado steps up to the plate with one of the most sophisticated and beautiful setups on the market today - the revolutionary Mikado VControl Touch.

The New Goblin 570 Sport

By Larry H. 1 years ago 13142 Views No comments

Low Cost, High Performance? Meet the All New Goblin 570 Sport.

High performance niche based helis used to come at significant costs, but SAB is making it easier than ever to step into large scale heli performance at a significant savings compared to previous models offered before.

An Interview with Bobby Watts @helipilotonline.com

By Sam Le 1 years ago 301 Views No comments

Known for his great SmackTalk videos with Bert Kammerer and designing items like the Delcon System, Bobby Watts is a household name in the RC world. Although you won’t find Bobby on the competition circuit anymore, he is more active in the hobby than ever. With his new company, Encore RC, and still working closely with Gaui and Halo Blades, I don’t know if this guy ever sleeps. I was lucky enough to hang out with Bobby at his house last December before the OHB. He is a great, down-to-earth guy whose brain is always turning with new designs and ideas. I was pleased to see his Invertix 400 fi nally come to the market. With Bobby’s great enthusiasm and drive for the hobby, I’m excited to see what’s to come this year.

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DJI Matrice 100

By Sam Le 1 years ago 270 Views No comments

DJI expands their offerings with the new Matrice 100 quadcopter. It's a fully customizable platform that is programmable and works with DJI's SDK. It will be guided by a visual sensing system for object detection and avoidance to make our drones even smarter and safer.

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Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition @helipilotonline.com

By Sam Le 1 years ago 277 Views No comments

While we at RC Heli Pilot magazine have long loved the sleek, high tech looks and extreme performance capabilities of the SAB Heli Division series of Goblin electric helicopters, the new Kyle Stacy Edition of the Goblin 700 has us swooning afresh! The KSE Goblin 700 is based on the the Goblin Competition Carbon Edition and includes a three bladed head and tail system. The black anodized aluminum main rotor components, new F3C landing gear, CNC main gear and carbon/yellow canopy and boom set this Goblin apart like no other. Kyle Stacy comments:

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New GoPro HERO4 Session Will Lighten Payload for Most Drones

By Sam Le 1 years ago 191 Views No comments

GoPros are the go-to solution for many drone photographers already, with several UAV models specifically equipped to handle the cam. So, it won’t be a surprise if the drone community quickly scoops up the HERO4 Session. The new model offers a durable waterproof design that eliminates the need for a separate housing and features one-button control “to make capturing immersive photos and video quicker and more convenient than ever before,” according to a GoPro press release. The HERO4 is compatible with all GoPro mounts and is touted as being 50% smaller and 40% lighter than GoPro’s best-selling HERO4 Black and Silver cameras.

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Velos Rotors LLC 880 now available for pre-orders

By Sam Le 1 years ago 1116 Views No comments

Velos 880 – Twice as powerful

Velos represents a breakthrough in RC helicopter design enabling performance unheard of in this size class. Traditional designs are limited by a single motor and ESC. This constrains them heavily in the cost/performance in this size class. Velos takes a completely fresh approach that breaks through to a new level of performance with its innovative twin motor design.

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Yuneec Announces New Typhoon Q500 4K Drone @dronelife.com

By Sam Le 1 years ago 198 Views No comments

The new model also includes the latest firmware update to the Q500 line which included an enhanced ‘follow me’ mode and a ‘watch me’ mode which keeps the drone’s camera locked on a single subject as the drone moves through the air.

“We are very excited to be introducing one of the world’s first 4K camera drones,” said Tian Yu, chief executive officer of Yuneec International. “The Typhoon 4K has elicited the attention of everyone from professional cinematographers to techie geeks to those just discovering drone aviation. No matter the audience, Yuneec produces spectacular images and provides an unparalleled flying experience.”

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