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Thank you for visiting HeliDirect! We are incredibly excited that you are visiting our store, and it's our passionate goal to provide the absolute best when it comes to the latest & greatest in helicopters, drones, FPV and more!

When it comes to HeliDirect, we offer all manners of amazing products with excellent service, providing you with a one stop shop when it comes to keeping your RC passions alive and well. Our team loves all manners of this hobby, and we strive to provide excellent customer service with every product we stock.

At HeliDirect, our goal is to provide you, the customer, an all inclusive shopping experience that tailors to your every possible need. With our extensive stock, easy to use website and excellent customer support, we look forward to serving you when it comes to your RC needs.

Whether it be kits, parts or accessories, we have everything you could ever need, and if you don't see it, we can assure you that it's more than likely on the way!

Regardless, we thank you for shopping with us, and we are excited to provide you with the very best we have to offer!

Our Story

Founded in 2005 as the RC helicopter industry was exponentially growing by the second, HeliDirect.com was brought forth with the desire to provide the best RC helicopter experience in a one stop shopping experience, all the while offering superb selection, excellent pricing, and stand alone customer care.

Serving customers all over the world, we do our very best to offer the ultimate RC experience, along with the best pricing & selection when it comes to the numerous products we offer. Further this with an ever growing stock of new and exciting products, our staff at HeliDirect will always push hard to provide an endless array of thrilling excitement - ready and waiting just for you.

Unlike multitudes of online shops in the marketplace today, we are here to offer the best service before and after the sale, as we truly focus on customer service that counts. Whether it be a tech question, quick order, or just general advice, our team of RC pilots (yes, we fly, too!) are here to help, as we not only offer these products on site, but more often than not, we usually have some element of direct experience to provide an all new level of support and care.

Offering direct product support & service, our team at HeliDirect is passionate about this hobby, which allows us to offer customer service excellence due to our extensive RC backgrounds. No need to worry about a shop that simply sells products with little idea of what they offer - our team of experts love this hobby, and our knowledge of RC is ready & waiting to support you!

Our Promise to You

- Excellent pricing, exceptional selection, brand name quality
- Online ordering ease with phone support a call away
- A friendly & knowledgeable sales staff that will pick up the phone when you call
- Fast shipping, safe delivery, and a support staff ready & waiting when help is needed
- Customer support that cares about your orders and stands behind the products we sell
- Friendly, knowledgeable advice when product questions arise
- Exceptional product deals, specials and customer rewards programs
- Unique products found only via HeliDirect

Our Name

HeliDirect is all about providing you with everything you could possibly need regarding your RC needs. Our site is heavily stocked with all manners of RC aircraft, and we specialize and stock the hottest brands in RC, providing you with the latest & greatest available when it comes to your RC needs.

With a massive array of products, HeliDirect is about providing the easiest and quickest way to source all manners of RC products via an easy to use site with amazing customer support. We simply want to make it easy, fun and exciting when it comes to shopping with us, and we look forward to becoming your main supplier for all your RC helicopter, drone & FPV needs!

Location & Working Hours

Located in Malden, Massachusetts, all product we stock and carry ships direct from our Malden, MA facility, providing true USA based product support with ultra fast shipping times direct to your door.

Even more, if you are local to our area or plan on visiting the New England locale, our walk in showroom is an awesome place to check out product 1st hand and make direct purchases without any wait.

We look forward to getting in touch with you, and below is a listing of our support times to best take care of any matters that arise.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to supporting you!


730 Eastern Ave., Unit 096
Malden, MA 02148
United States

Phone Support Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Local Showroom Support:

Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST
Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm EST (No Phone Support)
Sunday: Closed